Fusion 759


  • Combines the natural beauty and distinctive feel of wood with the strength and durability of weather-resistant resin.
  • Drillable walls make it possible to install shelving as well as hang items.
  • Maintenance-free, resisting rot, decay and other weather-related damage that can be common with traditional wooden sheds.
  • Heavy-duty floor and spacious build make it suitable for storing a wide variety of items, and steel-reinforced tile roof stands up
  • to heavy snow for year-round protection.
  • Ceiling is conveniently high, allowing an adult to easily move around within the shed.
  • Easy to assemble with precut tongue and groove panels.


The Fusion 759 shed is made out of a unique wood-plastic composite and has a sturdy double wall structure with drillable walls. It also features a steel-reinforced tile roof, wide double doors, and a heavy-duty floor for top to bottom durability. The Fusion 759 combines the naturally rich appearance and feel of a wooden shed with all the ruggedness and weather resistance of resin. 

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Width 229
Depth 287
Height 252
Capacity 8700

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