Oakland 1175SD


    • Super rugged and durable with its double wall structure and steel reinforcement.
    • The innovative DUOTECH™ walls give it a gorgeous weathered wooden texture with all the durability of resin.
    • DUOTECH™ walls are also easily paintable, making it easy to customize for the look you would like.
    • Low maintenance thanks to its weather resistant structure.
    • High enough ceiling for an adult to comfortably move around inside.
    • Comes in precut tongue and groove panels for assembly made easy.
    • Suitable for storing even the heaviest items (lawnmowers, ATVs) due to the strength of the floor.


    Upgrade your storage situation with the super durable yet attractive Oakland 7511 shed. This rustic chic shed has a unique and paintable weathered wooden texture thanks to its DUOTECH™ walls and features double doors, a skylight, and a Victorian-style window for great looks. For great usage it boasts a double wall weather-resistant build with steel reinforcement, a heavy-duty floor, heavy-duty roof and generous storage space.


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