• The capacious BRIGHTWOOD STORAGE BOX will fit all the essential garden tools, but also cushions, plaids, blankets or a hammock. The surface texture of the storage box resembles wood, which allows the piece of furniture to excellently fit into the natural environment. Made out of the highest quality plastic materials, it effectively protects the items...

  • A capacious storage box BRUSH 455 L can store not only mobile accessories but also tools necessary to perform garden works, toys for children and recreation equipment. Its strong point is a very modern and at the same time simple design and original surface texture – “wood look”. The design of the box resembles a box made of natural wood. The product is...

  • A stylish bench, or a functional storage box? Why not 2 in 1? The EDEN GARDEN BENCH storage box is an ingenious solution for those who wish to organize their garden in an elegant, but also practical way. Thanks to its capacity, the storage box will fit a blanket and cushions, and even recreational equipment. Additionally, the surface texture resembles...

  • The GLENWOOD STORAGE BOX makes it possible to conveniently store everything you want to keep handy in the garden. It is characterized by a large capacity, which means it can fit garden tools, as well as cushions or blankets. Its assembly is extremely simple and requires no specialized tools. A classic design allows the storage box to be matched with any...

  • Durable and sturdy, the shed withstands any weather. Comes with rib-reinforced DUOTECH™ double wall panels and a heavy-duty floor panel, perfect for your heaviest items. Look of worn wood with the durability of resin.  The sloped threshold will help you store and take out larger equipment easily. Easy to assemble using common household tools. Lockable...

  • Simplicity of form and quick assembly are the main advantages of the versatile SHERWOOD STORAGE BOX, intended for storing various tools, such as shovels, sprinklers, clippers and garden shears. A classic color palette and surface resembling a wooden texture make it possible to match the storage box with any garden arrangement.

  • If you like classic and functional solutions, you will fancy an innovative SPRINGWOOD storage box 302 L. The product is highly resistant to weather conditions, and above all has a capacity of 302 L. Thanks to such advantages, you can easily store blankets, furniture cushions or other accessories and minor garden tools. A solid and highly reliable...



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