• With its classic woven texture and unique and elegant design this planter will make a gorgeous addition to any of your favorite spaces. The rattan texture continuing on the inside is a lovely touch unique to this planter. When this planter is in use and filled partway with soil it will appear as though the entire planter, inside and out, has this gorgeous...

  • Functional CORNER TOOL RACK intended for garden tools. It has openings for fixing shovels, rakes and other accessories. It can be easily assembled – to assure a complete stability, you can fix it to the garage wall, storeroom or tool shed. Its high-quality material is resistant to mechanical damage and unfavorable weather conditions. 

  • Thanks to COZIES L pot, you can highlight the beauty of classic plant compositions in the terrace, balcony and house. Its timeless style enriched with a subtle crochet weave will satisfy those who prioritize details. Thanks to application of a high-quality material, the product has a number of unique values: it can be easily cleaned and is highly...

  • The COZIES S planter combines a modern shape with an absolutely original surface texture, resembling a crocheted weave. The planter’s construction consists of 2 elements: the inner pot and an elegant outer shell, which makes replanting flowers and other plants much easier. The high quality plastic material used to make the planter will ensure resistance...

  • Beautiful plants in beautiful stylish pots – Cozies Trio is a set that you cannot do without at your home! The aesthetic products – three flower pots in pastel colours is a proposal for those who appreciate a combination of functionalities and elegance. The delicate texture of the surface inspired with a crochet weave will perfectly stress the attraction...

  • 3 different size planters included.   Drainage plug for indoor or outdoor use   Elevated bottom reduces the soil quantity needed

  • Light weight multi-purpose cart   Ideal for indoor and outdoor   Easy maneuvering   Big capacity   Made from recycled materials

  • The EASY GO wheelbarrow with its original shape and 55 L capacity is a very lightweight and simultaneously functional wheelbarrow. A well thought out construction and ergonomic grip make moving loads significantly easier. The product is ideal for work in gardens, cellars and households. Made out of a plastic material resistant to the effects of harmful...

  • Agronomic design for easy gardening Full watering system for truly hassle-free care Water indicator for watering just the right amount For outdoor or indoor use Suitable for wide range of vegetables, herbs and other plants. Grow it your own way.

  • Enables air circulation to speed-up composting   Reduced odor

  • Natural round rattan design Sealed inner bowl and drainage plug for indoor or outdoor use Sturdy stainless steel triple-chain hanger included Up to 15 kg | 33 lb loading capacity

  • The exceptionally durable, functional HANGING TOOL RACK allows you to arrange up to 20 pieces of various gardening tools. It is not only equipped with hooks, but also special holders which make it easier to mount accessories with sticks – shovels, rakes or brooms. Assembly of the rack is easy, and the material from which it is made guarantees long term...

  • The IVY HERBS planters were designed with people searching for interesting solutions which make planting and maintenance of herbs easier. Thanks to a triple pocket it is possible to create unique plant compositions. The planter is characterized by its distinctive shape and modern design. The IVY HERBS will perform well in a small herbal garden, as well as...

  • Special water prevents overwatering and root decay Drainage holes regulate watering: protect from overflowing Water the center of each planter to reach the entire unit Add up to five units to create the just right look No fuss: removable double shell casing for easy cleaning The Ivy planter can hold a wide range of herbs, flowers...

  • Added value – door designed as leaf collector   Easy access from all 4 sides   Made from recycled raw material   Enables air circulation to speed-up composting   Easy assembly, no tools required   Reduced odor

  • Cooler, cocktail table and coffee table in stylish wicker design! Breakthrough design - ideal for BBQs and outdoor events   Always have a cold drink at your fingertips   Easy to assemble   3 in 1 - combines cooler, cocktail table, and coffee table in one

  • The multifunctional REALBARROW with a 100 L capacity will make your garden work significantly easier. Light, durable and easy to maneuver – these are the product’s primary advantages. A modern construction with reinforced edges allows the wheelbarrow to be loaded in 2 positions: from the top and horizontally. The plastic materials used in its production...

  • The surface texture of the LARGE CUBE PLANTER ideally imitates natural wood. The planter is a combination of modern design and traditional functionality. A classic color palette and interesting shape make it possible for this planter to fit together with any garden, regardless of its prior arrangement concept. Thanks to the use of high quality materials,...

  • CUBE PLANTER S pot is a stylish solution for your terrace or house. A combination of an original shape and unique patterns – texture resembling a natural wood – will highlight the charm of a classic and modern design and emphasize the beauty of plants. The material used is durable and of top quality – the features cause the pot to be highly resistant to...



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